Saturday, 29 December 2007

Xmas Tradition (Long Post

Aside from all the warmth of Xmas, I also love Xmas cos it's a time to exchange gifts.
Back home with my mum & siblings, each year, each person wrote three things they wanted for Xmas on separate pieces of paper and placed it in a teacup(identical) and then mum gave each person a saucer so you're not sure who has your saucer......
Afterwards, each person picked from two separate saucers.

Gosh! I hope you lot understand my narration.

And there were rules: *A minimum and maximum budget, *You can't pick from the same saucer twice, *You can't pick your name, *You must not let anyone know whose name u picked, *You have to be very detailed about what you want e.g.: 100ml CK Euphoria perfume for ladies, *You give as many clues as to where the item can be bought...*You must keep the folded paper you chose till Xmas.

My mum never got any gifts, just cash, cause she never liked any of our gifts.(lol)
I hated picking my brother's names cos they always wanted something on the dot of the budget: designer wristwatches, camera phones, leather jackets, designer sneakers, X-box and Nintendo games etc!
Xmas was always exciting especially when we were all living with mum.

Gosh, I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Anyways, I suggested to hubby that we could adopt this gift swapping tradition and he agreed but he insisted there should be no budgets and we wrote four items each and picked two.

I picked: Nokia E90 and Apple Macbook Pro. (just over N500,000 in total).
Hubby picked: A complete set of 18ct gold and coral jewellery and a dress (Tiffany Amber) (just over N100,000 in total).

Of course I cried foul play.

Hubby insisted he was more than satisfied with what I picked; you shoulda heard his victory laugh.
Me: Babes, I could have asked for a Jacuzzi or a car or plot of land but I was considerate because this is something we have to enjoy doing.
Hubby: Babes, you can take a lease and pay conveniently over a year and actually enjoy doing it. You can even afford to pay cash down, why are you complaining?!
Me: Okay, let’s do it again. I was obviously being considerate when I wrote my Xmas wishes.......
Hubby: No way!
Me: Okay, I'm not doing this anymore.
Hubby: You are kidding, babes! You are stuck in this one for real!!

I felt much cheated and no matter how much I moaned, I wasn't being heard.
Plus, I came up with the suggestion and I agreed there were no rules and I was stuck.
The money wasn't the issue, but I had been very considerate and hubby was being extremely inconsiderate.
I didn't mention it again, and I decided to buy the gifts and make him sweat it out during our anniversary.
Revenge is Sweet!
After 2days of sulking, hubby said, he had gone to check my gifts and he agreed I had been very considerate, so he said we could pick again.
Of course, I said never mind, I'm fine, blahblah but of course he insisted (lol).
He again said: Babes, no budget, write whatever you want.
Me: Anything at all?
Hubby: Anything.
Me: I really think a N100, 000 maximum on each gift is fair.
Hubby: Stop talking cheap. Write anything you want
I smiled: Anything is anything.
Hubby: Yes. Anything is anything! Deal?
Me: Deal.....
And I smiled and said to meself: I'm gonna teach him a lesson........

I wrote: Brand New Customised BMW X5, Brand New VW Touareg, Brand New Nissan Murano 2007 Model & an Indoor Jacuzzi.

Later in the evening, after dinner, we sat down to pick again.
Hubby: This time it's final. You have to buy whatever you pick.
Me: Of course, no cries of foul play.
Hubby: But of course, we both know we have to be realistic.
Me: I've been very realistic. I don't know about you.
Hubby: Trust me.
Me: And this time around, I won't let you know what I picked and vice-versa.
Hubby: No problem. You pick first.....
So we both picked and unfolded our selections.
I chose: Apple Macbook Pro & Accessories and Sony VGN...... (the one with the razor-thin panel) & Accessories.
Hubby :( laughs) Hahahahahahahh!!! This is unrealistic. We both agreed........
Me: Babes, anything is anything. (I'm trying very hard not to laugh cos I knew he either had 2cars or one car and a jacuzzi)
Hubby: Babes, no, no. This is madness; we have 3cars already, minus our official cars, and now 2more cars?!!!
Me: Yay!!!! I see myself cruising my Murano......Gosh! 2008 is going to be fabulous. One car per day!!!!
Hubby: Heeeheeee(still laughing) So there's still Murano.
Me: Don't tell me you didn't pick it...
Hubby: Babes, hahaha. You are not serious. Stop being ridiculous.
Me: (Kiss) A deal is a deal. It’s sealed. Afterall, you can afford to pay cash down or take a lease..... (Sounds familiar uhmmm?)
Hubby: Babes, this is unrealistic. I am out.
Me: Babes, stop being a sour loser, where's your game spirit?
Hubby: No sweet-talking. I'm not doing it. No way!!! If you want a new car, then at least, lets sell the one you are driving now, there's no way I'm going to buy two more cars....
Me: Babes, what you are saying is that 'I' don't deserve....
Hubby: We agreed on being realistic....
Me: How realistic is having 2 Nokia communicators or 2 more laptops when we already have 2?
Hubby: Babes, those puters are due for a change....
Me: Babes, my car is due for a change. I want to drive a jeep.....
Hubby: Let’s just forget this gift swap thing. It won't work.
Me: Thanx for nothing. I'll buy your laptops and if you don't buy my gifts, I won't forgive you.
Hubby: I don't want any laptop oh! You better not waste your money.
Me: You can always flush it on ebay as an unwanted Xmas present. I am cruising two jeeps this 2008......Halleluyah!

I tormented hubby for a full day with songs of my new cars and I bore his grumbling about my unrealistic Xmas wishes graciously.
After dinner the next day, I confessed that I only wanted to teach him a lesson, he maintained, there was no way he would have honoured the wishes as it was both unrealistic and wasteful.
Me: (feeling quite offended) How can you say that about something I want?
Hubby: Okay, I'm sorry. Let’s not go there.
We agreed that it was very reasonable to set a budget as our anniversary is in January, Valentine February, my birthday in March and hubby's birthday in April (tight uuuhn?)
The budget: maximum of N50,000 per item
On Xmas day, he presented me with a set of jewellery (bought @ 90k because of an over-enthusiastic salesgirl) and a black, floral patterned medium-size dress from Tiffany Amber.
I bought him 3sets of pyjamas and a bath-robe and a leather-strapped CK wristwatch with a silver chain bracelet.
We swapped gifts happily on Xmas day, had an English breakfast (ahem….lunch actually. We were at the Ovation Carol party the night before), we cut our Xmas cake, popped a bottle of Champagne and we went to Sheraton for dinner. We hung out with some of hubby's friends before retiring knackered, for the night.

Xmas Greetings!!!

Hey Peeps!
Compliments of the Season!
Don't you just love December?!!!!
I've not spent Xmas in Nigeria for donkey years but quite honestly, I really enjoyed this Xmas.
We couldn't make our planned holiday travels cos I just started work and we didn't close for the year(lol).
I bought my Xmas tree and decorations during the first week of December.
In my excitement, I 'over-dressed' my poor Xmas tree.
I also ordered 13beautiful '14-inch rich fruit cakes' for neighbours, friends and families.
Those cakes were beautiful and they cost more than my habitual can of chocolate: Heroes, Roses & Celebration.
Hubby and I got 4 LIVE chickens and a LIVE turkey amidst other gifts.
I have an extreme phobia for all LIVE animals, so I won't go into details about the looks of horror on my face each time a bird was delivered, especially when the gift-bearer tried to hand it over to me!!!!
Gosh! I absolutely forgot that people give such gifts.
Anyways, we gave all the birds out as my hubby said he couldn't put a knife to any creature's throat!!!
And I can't pluck the feathers from a dead bird, that smell is so nauseating, it sickens me and that's the reason why I don't eat any bird.
Yupp! I don't eat chicken, turkey, ducks etc. If it's a bird......count me out!!!
Anyways, hubby and I each got a bag of rice, cooking oil, spices etc from work and loads of Xmas cards.