Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The Family Altar

Our neighbour came to visit during the weekend.

He’s a Pastor, and so is our landlord.

Aren’t we soooo blessed?!!

Anyways, he came to have a chat with hubby while I was watching Lerato’s eviction from the Big Brother Africa show!

They had been chatting for a while when he politely asked me to switch off the TV as I was distracting my hubby and he wanted me to be part of the conversation.

A part of me wanted to soooo rebel, but I complied frowningly.

He encouraged us to have a family altar.

A family altar is a fixed place where we would always meet as a family at a fixed time to share GOD’s word, sing praises and pray for at least 30minutes daily.

He advised that it’s like keeping a daily date/appointment with GOD.

He also said that his family follows this religiously and many times when he’s had a fallout with his wife, it’s usually resolved at the family altar, because they ‘HAVE’ to meet there and ‘TALK’ and often times, one of them would raise a prayer point about: GOD help my wife/husband to understand so and so and so and then they would discuss the issue and listen to each other’s viewpoints and resolve it.

Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.

Hubby and I pray every morning and night but it’s usually in bed.

He advised us to stay away from the bed as the bed is ‘a comfort zone’ and we may drift away in sleep; true, true, hubby’s a culprit, okay me too.

So I’ve proposed that we use the dining area/lobby but we are yet to agree on a time.

So everyone, please have a altar in your homes!!!

Sadly, we didn’t make it for dinner last night (Independence Day).

At about 6.30pm, there was a loud bang on my kitchen door.

It was my neighbour’s 7year old son.

He had been home alone since 2o’clock and his mum had instructed him to come and stay with me if NEPA struck.

So, there I was, dressed up for dinner and waiting for hubby and now saddled with an unexpected babysitting job!

Sigh! Don’t people know you don’t leave children alone at home and unattended?!!!

I called hubby to let him know and we hoped they would return soon, but it was wishful thinking.

They returned @ about 10pm, thereby ruining our night and I got so mad @ hubby and blamed him for prioritizing his job over me because if he hadn’t gone to the office, I wouldn’t have been at home and I wont have been saddled with babysitting.

I had even told him I would meet him in VI but he said he didn’t want us driving around in separate cars.

Anyways, @ about half 9, I told hubby to go get us some take-away so we would celebrate @ home.

Hubby left and called like 10minutes later saying, he really didn’t want to go out without me and we could cook something to eat for the night. Whatever!

Our neighbours didn’t apologise for saddling us with their child, obviously they didn’t know that we had plans.

Anyways, I had a mug of milk and a glass of water and I went to bed, quietly and ‘VERY ANGRY”!!

This morning, while we were praying, hubby said: GOD please help Copido to stop getting angry……and we both started laughing.

This family altar is already working.

Anways, we can do dinner next week.


Monday, 1 October 2007

Happy Independence Day!!!

Hey everyone!
It's been quite a while!!!!
Happy October 1st to you all!!!
Hubby and I joined our church in a 2hour 'Prophetic March', singing and dancing while being filmed by a local TV station, I didn't get the name, but I know it would be aired 3times today from 11am.
I've had 2aspirins so far and my toes are covered in blisters, but it was fun.
As usual, our church paparazzi(photographers) were present and they kept trying to take pictures of me and hubby, much to my annoyance and despite the fact that I kept hiding my face behind my Nigerian flag!!!
I also met a friend who was my room-mate during my 1st year in Uni and did we reminisce!!
She's travelling back on Wednesday so we're hooking up tomorrow!
I also saw my sister's former secondary-school classmate.
Gosh! It's such a small world!
There's loads of juicy gists (lol)!....but not for today
Hubby and I are going for dinner @ Sheraton in a couple of hours, a monthly routine anyways........
Bless you all!
Long Live Nigeria!!!