Saturday, 5 April 2008

2nd TimeUnlucky

I guess the blog title says it all.
We're still not pregnant and we were so sure I was pregnant till I had three pregnancy tests confirming i was not.
I had all the symptoms: Frequent urination, Rock hard belly; Full and tender breasts and my period was a day late.
Hubby asked me to call him as soon as I had the test result.
I did and we cried.
I locked myself in the ladies and cried my eyes out.
Doc said not to give up, but to keep praying.
We're trying a third time and then I may have to do surgery to remove the fibroid as a last reort.
Me: but Doc, you said the fibroid was not harmful.
Doc: As a last resort, we may consider removing it to eliminate all doubt.

But Copido where is your faith?!!!
I'm afraid it's wavering.
I'm afraid......I am soooooooo scared.......I am so worried!!!!