Tuesday, 11 September 2007


It's hard to believe it's been 6years.
I remember that day vividly.
I was in my mother's flat and I just had a shower.
I was planning to go somewhere later in the day, maybe church.
So I switched on the TV to while away some time and I saw a plane crashing into the twin towers.
I actually thought it was a film preview and I laughed and thought:
'These Americans and their silly and evil imaginations!'
I picked up the remote and switched channels: same thing, CNN Breaking News.
I made a mental note to help adjust mum's TV settings and skip some channels.
After switching channels four times or so, it finally dawned on me that I wasn't watching the preview of a film, it was real!!!
I watched, transfixed, as a second plane crashed into the towers, as a state of emergency was declared, as an order to evacuate the city was given, I watched as the twin towers crumbled and vaguely heard news of other plane crashes and watched as the Breaking News strip changed to: America is under attack!!! I watched as men and women ran and cried and I watched as firemen ran for their lives in the chaos. I watched as families gripped the pictures of loved ones that were assumed missing. I watched for two/three days and I cried at the wickedness of men!!
I couldn't stop crying and I remember having sore eyes and a terrible headache for nights.
Terrorism is evil!!
Violence is never a good option, there's always another way!

Back to My Source.....

Hello All,
I sure hope someone missed me (smiles).
I needed time off....but I'm back.
And I returned to 'My Source' on the 25th August...
In simpler words, I cried and ran to the church altar after a short message on 'Returning to Your Source'
It was a very touching sermon and it opened my eyes to see that I've drawn away from GOD in a lot of ways.
Infact, I was almost at that stage where I was thinking I could do it all on my own - but now I know I can't....
So I've been spending time studying my Bible and fellowshipping with others and staying away from distractions like blogging..hehehehehehe.
I also joined the 'Married Women's Fellowship and had a chat about 'Sex Appeal'.
Life's been bubbly and me and hubby are still in love!!! (...jealous anyone??)
On a final note, I wont be blogging as often because I don't wanna lose my focus on My Source.
Signing off: JESUS loves me.....and you and you and you and you!