Saturday, 31 March 2007


Jeez!!!! i've had a most tasking 48hours.
This blogging sure is a lot of hardwork, i hope i can cope.
In case anyone is curious about my reasons for moaning, i'll tell yah.
I've been battling to sign into this blog for two days, my password and/or username was declared incorrect.
If I wasnt married, I would have suspected my mum was up to some prank.
It's a miracle that I've signed in now cos I really exhausted all my resources and I'm not sure I can remember which ones worked....whew!!!!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Escapade.......My Darkest Secrets

I'm happily married now and basically, my husband keeps asking me about my past.
I dint have a very colourful past cos I was a good girl for a very long time. Infact,I lost my virginity when I was over 25years and I married d culprit that did the act.
The heart of a woman is so dark!! Dark secrets, of the darkest kind. Here's my confession:

I dated my husband for over 5years before we got married. When we met, he was a struggling lad who basically had nothing and he wont leave me alone to get bigger fish like all my friends. I desperately tried to chase him away but he wont have it. Anyway, while at a social function one day, I met a Nigerian celebrity who promised me greener pastures with respect to some projects I had on ground. He was old enough to be my father and he deceived me into thinking he would launch me into the media. Basically, all he wanted was to have sex with me, dumb me but I was so intrigued by him that I probably wasn't thinking straight. He gave me an appointment to see him at his office to discuss plans but I was so confused that I didn't go. He called me severally and pestered me to come over as he was very impressed by me and wanted to encourage me while I was still so young and vibrant. I shyly made my way to his office one day and I was brisked through security/reception. He asked me to sit down in an inner office as he was in a meeting with some other men. Someone brought me a drink which I sipped quietly.

After the meeting, he was all apologies for keeping me waiting. I was deeply honoured and I shyly assured him I was okay. We had a brief discussion about my project and then..
He: You don't need to bother yourself with all of this projects you know
Me: ?? I don't understand
He: In the media, what you need is a god-father and the sky is your limit. See, I'll help you but you have to be able to assure me you are not one of those girls that will mess up at functions when they meet our celebrated politicians etc
Me: Oh, I'm not like that at all
He: Let me be honest with you (pause, he's looking at me and smiling cute)
Me: (feeling really uncomfy and shifting in my seat)
He: Do you know why I came over to introduce myself to you the other day?
Me: Yes, my project
He: (smiles) You are wrong.I was watching you and couldn't keep my eyes off you. You see,I loooooove your breasts(He grabbed my boobs suddenlyand squeezed, I squealed and jumped in shock)
Me: (stammering and pushing at his hands) Excuse me Sir, Please I..I..I don't like it

Before I knew what was happening, he had skillfully maneuvered me into a lying position and I tried hard but I couldn't push him off, so I resorted to pleading with him, praying nobody would find me in such a humiliating position. I, who would condemn anyone I found like that without listening.

I know I should have gotten up, slapped him and walked out but I was pleading with him instead. Every time I remember this encounter, I am always so upset with myself and I feel I deserve a slap but then, I cant turn back the hands of time. If I could, I would do things differently, I would unleash the lion in me and absolutely disgrace him,if only.

During this time, he had somehow become stark naked but luck was on my side as I had a pair of tight jeans on and he couldn't get my hands off the zipper.

He(repeatedly) Why are you behaving like a baby
Me: Please sir, I cant
He: Are you a virgin?
Me: No
He: (soothingly while clasping my hands) Reeeeelax
Me: Ahh, Please Sir Stop it. I don't like what you are doing sir. Do you want to rape me?
He: Oh, is that the story you want to sell to the papers?I'm not raping you

He stiffens, like he has come to his sense. He dresses up and I dash for the door but he reminds me to do my hair and adjust my top which I did obediently...What a fool I was. When I tried to open the door, it had been locked. He counted me some money for a cab and unlocked the door. I bolted out on shaky feet and hailed a cab to take me home. I felt so defiled that I scrubbed myself so hard and praised GOD for saving me.

To be continued

I'm Posting..Am I?

Am I blogging or what?Am I excited? Yeah,,cool!!
I keep a diary each year and I have so gotten into trouble too many times with nosey people that wont mind their business and respect my 'PRIVACY!!!!' I'm older now and wiser. I'll start with 3 Diary Violation Stories.

My mum discovered my first diary(Jikol) when I was nine years old. She read it and confronted me in tears(gasp). You see I had called her all sorts of awful names, I didn't spare anyone, dad, sisters and brothers. That night i thought i had found my death, she beat 'the living daylight' out of me and made me kneel till my dad got home. She tearfully read out what I had written about her and the ugly names I had called my family while my dad ate. By now, I'm drowning in self-pity and thinking I must be Cinderella and my carriage would come soon to whisk me away(...dream on). My dad was shocked because I was a timid child, d geek who could barely talk. He insisted I didn't write those things but trust mum to clear his head. My dad grilled me till late at night trying to find out where I learnt those vulgar words. Of course I kept mum and wont talk. He finally handed me my diary and sent me to bed. My mum couldn't resist pinching my ear and giving me a hard push as she grumbled along behind me. I had no peace in that house for a long time and I was d prodigal child that my mum could not tolerate for a longer time....Oh Well. I learnt my lesson....To avoid calling people names, bad names and to write in codes. Therefore till date, I'm not an abusive person and it hurts so much cos when people hurl the worst insults at me I can only say. 'Shut up,,,I know your type' and people find this statement so annoying...'What do u mean u know my type? U better know yourself first!!!!!!' - Whatever....

Diary Xozew...You see, all my diaries had names; names I randomly formed out of my head. Another unforgettable experience was after high school, my friends and I wanted to go out to parties and my mum won't allow(that woman!). Anyways, I decided to go and holiday with my cousins whose mum was always away passionately chasing money unlike my 'housewife Mother'. Did we have fun? We learnt to dance, talk to boys and hang out all night. We had a helluva lot of fun, trust me and I recorded everything in detail my diary(Xozew) in my secret code. Unknown to me, during the time I was away from home,my mum and a cousin had cracked my code and had a lot of fun violating my privacy. My biggest achievement(lol) during this time was meeting Larry who completely rocked my world and I fell in love. He was left-handed, much older and a smoker. I thought he was the coolest living thing in the world.I begged him to teach me how to smoke and I allowed him hold me...(just my hands oh). Everyone knew us and predicted we'll get married someday(sadly, no). Oh gosh, I'm grinning like an idiot!! Anyways, I returned home with Xozew filled wit my code language and was I shocked when Mama confronted me with Operation Larry...I wanted to run away but I managed to choke out something about my privacy which made my mum laugh so hard. My punishment? I was my mum's handbag till I left for Uni. She made me accompany her everywhere and reported me to all and sundry
Lesson Learnt: I formed a new code and stopped filling my diary till I left home(sigh)

Last Encounter was with Diary Siqay and this was in university. You see, I suspected a friend of being promiscuous. She was sleeping with a married man for reasons known to her and I found out and of course recorded my findings. I was really cross with her (I was a chaste virgin) and I condemned her so much in Siqay but I never confronted her. I just asked her questions like 'So where are u going?', 'Are u sure that's where you are going?' etc. Some busybody found my diary under my mattress, read it and even took it away to make copies and sold the story to the school gossip mills. Of course I'm not friends with Miss Promiscuity but it was a terrible act of betrayal on my part, methinks.
Lesson Learnt: If you cant correct a wrong, u r a coward and should not condemn d person cos silence means consent.

So, this blog: Copido is my diary henceforth. I am now married so no Operations Larry here