Thursday, 18 December 2008

IVF Again

4 embryos were placed back in my body today.
Peeps, my womb shall carry these babies to full term.
my body would not reject my babies.
my babies would come forth in 9months, hale and hearty and without any deformation.
At the Name of JESUS, every knee shall bow and infertility and miscarriages have bowed out of me and outta my marriage and outta my home in The Name of JESUS.
Joy unspeakable is mine........
I see my twins.....laughing, crawling, talking, walking, learning, growing in JESUS Name!
In faith, I have pledged an offering of N1million as my thanksgiving offering to My FATHER in HEAVEN.
Join me in praying for babies Alexa and Zack.....

Kisses and Hugs,

Saturday, 13 December 2008

more copido uncovered part 3

So Aday’s wife moved back home.
We met one weekend at shoprite while I was doing my shopping.
Aday acted like an over-excited teenager as he pulled me off to meet his wife in the fruits and veggies section

Aday: (ch) love, meet my office sweet-heart, Copido.
Me(quite excited): Hello madam
Ch: (wrong attitude) Hello
She turned to continue her shopping.
Chit chat,,,,,,weather talk… boring!
Me: So I’m off.
Aday: (holds me and starts to praise me) Ch, this lady is a true friend……stood by me…..told me to contact you…..insisted I had to travel monthly to PH to see you.

She thanked me for ‘the part I played in pushing her hubby back where he belongs’.
And I left.

Later that evening, I got a call from her.
She asked if we could meet at a spa in Lekki area, she said it was really good and she wanted us, 'Aday's girls' to do something ‘girly’ together.

I replied: I am not one of 'Aday's girls' and I declined.
At that point, i figured she was probably looking for trouble.
Her bait? Moi....?

Aday called me back and somehow sweet-talked and convinced me to go.
So we met at the spa parking lot.
Me: Hello ch
Ch: You can call me Mrs QRS
Me: Okay.
Ch: (calmly) Did he fuck you?
Me: Excuse me?!
Ch: Yes or no?
Me: This is ridiculous
Ch: Lets be real. You are the ‘typical Take home to mama’ kinda girl and I think aday is attracted to you.
Me: I think not. He’s a friend and that’s the end of it. You're being offensive.....
Ch: I wish I could believe you, but I don’t. He’s my husband and I know he likes you.
Me: well, I assure you it’s not mutual. I am happily married and I have to go.
Mrs QRSCh: I just had to get that off my chest
Me: Good for you
Ch: Can we start again? Maybe my approach was wrong?
Me: No thanks! Bye!
Ch: (laughs and claps her hands) Oya no vex.

She pulled me back very quickly and she gave me a hug.

Ch: Maybe you should hear my side of the story.
Me: Please dont bother.
Ch: I love that guy so much, I know shouldn't have moved out........ I just got fed up with the pressure and unending questions from relatives and friends........ My mother-in-law started calling me a man and telling all that cared to listen that Aday married a man……….We dated for over ten years before we got married. I've known him forever and i almost ruined everything....

And we went in for our ‘girly spa session', paid for by ch.

Of course she reported herself to Aday, who called later to apologise for any embarassment i suffered. He said he was unable to convince her that 'aa we had was a genuine friendship'.
He further told me that he had admitted to her that he was attracted to me initially but i was quick to turn him down?????

He assured me: She's an angel, i'm sure you'll find out someday......

So, ch and I started a comfortable friendship……
Last month, we co-planned a surprise gig for Aday.
He was sooo surprised that he almost fled....and then he shed a oneor two drops of tears.....
We are on first-name basis....
We've done a few more girly sessions.
She's called me several times saying to me: 'WARN THAT YOUR OFFICE SWEETHEART, HE's LOOKING FOR TROUBLE OH'
And I have been warning him oh.
I like her and I respect her maturity......

next my first fight with aday…..

Thursday, 11 December 2008

More Copido Uncovered II

I returned to my office wondering how he made the connection.
Accent, Cars, Blog and Instinct?
I logged into my system and typed: ready to delete my entire blog but I failed to remember the password – too bad.
So why did I agree to meet him after work?
What were we going to talk about?
I did a quick search, Aday HR and found out he was several levels above my paltry level.

After work,,,,,,,, I bolted!
Yeah right and thanks!

On getting home, internet had been disconnected so I went to bed early.

The next day, traffic was light and I arrived at work really early to read my blog from an outsider’s perspective.
I drove into my favourite parking slot and admired the car sticker on the beamer parked next to me: ‘Drive it like you stole it’

As I was getting my stuff together to get out of the car,

Aday: Hello Copido
Startled, I almost jumped out of my skin.
Me:(Quite irritated) Why did you creep up on me like that?
Aday: Sorry I thought you saw me.
Me: I didn’t
Aday: But you were staring at my car.
Me: Which car?
Aday: The black BMW
Me: I was looking at the car sticker
Aday: Oh, that hurts.
Me: Are you trying to flirt with me?
Aday: Definitely not. I would have been flirting if I had told you I was really disappointed when I saw your wedding band.
Me: Excuse me. I am married and I am happy and I am not going to encourage you.
Aday: I apologise

I grabbed my jacket, handbag, tote bag, phones, flask, newspaper and folders and tried to lock my car door.

Aday: Let me help you.
Me: I am fine

He took my magazine, flask and folder anyway.
Me: Thank you.

We took the lift to my floor.

Me: Good-morning all
My colleagues (to Aday): Morning sir. Goodmorning Oga Aday. Oga Goodmorning oh.
Aday: Morning everyone.
Colleague: Oga, I hope you are not moving madam to another unit. Please leave her here with us
No response.

Aday: You stood me up yesterday
Me: I had things to do.
Aday: Can we do lunch today?
Me: Whatever it is you are looking for, read my lips: I am not interested,
Aday: First, you shouldnt make assumptions so quickly and secondly do you have to be sooooo rude?
Me: I don’t have time for this. Have a nice day.
He left.

I turned to power on my puter and prepare for my one-on-one session with my HR partner, Chioma.
I wondered why I was angry…..was he the cause???
I wondered but I had no answer.
At 830am, I took the stairs to our personnel department,
Chioma was waiting for me in the conference room.
Me: Hello
Chioma: hello Copido. I think my supervisor might want to take this session.
She made a quick call on the intercom: 'Copido is here' and of course, in comes Aday.
Chioma introduced us quickly and left.
Aday was cordial and professional throughout the session.
He answered my questions thoroughly and before long the session was over and I had learnt quite a number of things to apply and reapply in my role as team leader.

I thanked him and as I got up to leave, he grabbed my arm: Please hold on
Aday: I just want to apologise…..if there’s anything I’ve done that annoyed or offended you, I am really sorry.
Me: okay
Aday: What i told you yesterday……
Me: your secret is safe with me
Aday: thanks. Can we do lunch together today?
Me: sure.

So we had luch together that day and many days after.
We talked about my blog, my current predicament, he shared his experiences with various fertility experts in the country and abroad.
Over time, we developed a good and genuine mature friendship.
It wasn’t long before rumours started flying: ‘Aday broke up with his wife because of Copido’, Aday and Copido are getting married’ Aday and Copido have moved in together’ etc
Some of my colleagues were quick to tell me that they disliked Aday as he had been ‘very wicked and inconsiderate’ to them.
I had never seen that side of Aday so I let them say and of course we laughed it off

I encouraged Aday to make contact with his wife (ch) and not give up on his marriage.
And after several trips to Nigeria's Garden City, his wife agreed to return home.
For reasons unknown to me I had mixed feelings about the reconciliation.
I was very happy for him yet i also felt jealous because it meant I was going to have to share him with her……imagine that......

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

More Copido Uncovered

He said: Copido
I was shocked.......and speechless.
He said: Hello Copido, my name is Ade (pronounced Aday)
Still speechless.
He said: Can I join you..........?
Me: Nooooo. Nooooo. How did you know?
Aday: Know about you/Copido?
Me: Does anyone else know? Did you tell anyone else?
Aday: I swear...
Me: Dont swear
Aday: At least let me sit.

I felt so 'scattered' so like someone had invaded my privacy and I got up in anger, very close to tears, my lunch forgotten. I walked quickly to the ladies and I cried.

How can?

How come?

I was so stupid to put up my entire life on the internet......foolish gal, foolish gal, foolish gal.

I never blogged in the office before so no chance he hacked into my system.

But how then?????

And who else knows????

I wiped off my tears and decided I was going to delete my blog right away before he leaked it out to anyone else.
As I walked out of the loo, I saw him standing right across the lobby area.

Aday: Copido can i have just one minute, please?

He sounded almost desperate.

Me; So who else knows?

Aday: I'm going through what you are going through, I have the same problem with your husband. You have my word that I would never disclose Copido to anyone else.
Me: How did you make the connection between me and Copido?
Aday: Your accent, the Nissan and Mercedes M-class cars...and instinct.
Me: I am sure I have never seen you before.
Aday: I work in HR and you've moved departments so many times that I have lost count.
Me: How long have you known?
Aday: Today.
Me: And for how long have you suspected?
Aday: Since you faced the disciplinary committee for insubordination to MY.

We both laughed.

Aday: Please don’t delete your blog
Me: I have to, before anyone else finds out
Me: Why?
Aday: Please
Me: ???????
Aday: Copido please, i beg you, don’t delete it.
Me: Why?????
Aday: The tears and laughter your blog has given to me mean so much to me.

I noticed he wasn’t wearing a wedding band.

Me: Are you married?
Aday: Yes and no?
Me: ???????
Aday: I was married for 4years, my wife left me in January.
Me: Sorry about that. was it because of your problem?
He nodded and I felt like hugging him but I just squeezed his fingers and said: I am sorry about it.
He nodded again and I saw that he was crying.
So I hugged him and whispered: Don’t do that!!!! Stop it!!!!!
Just then his blackberry beeped.

Aday: I have to go. Can we meet after work?
I couldn’t think of anything else to say.
Me: why not?

And I watched him walk away.

Just breezed in........ say Season's Greetings
Xmas is in the air...........
.......and Santa Claus is in town.......